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Contextual Advertisint in Yandex.Direct & Google Adwords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — it is a process of influencing the external and internal factors of search results so that the site meets the requirements of search engine algorithms as much as possible. Our seo-specialists will carry out all necessary procedures to make your page appear in the top positions of search engines.

Our team can help you.

Contextual Advertisint in Yandex.Direct & Google Adwords

Contextual advertising is an advertisement that is displayed on partner sites and in search results for users looking for similar products, services or content. Thanks to Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords services, we attract additional traffic to your website. The advertising campaign allows you to configure the issuance of ads for your target audience, as a result – not only increases website traffic, but also conversion.

Promotion in social networks: SMO, SMM, winding likes and subscribers

Social networks are no longer just a tool of communication and entertainment. It is also a powerful tool that affects your business reputation, image, recognition and lead generation. Thanks to SMO (Social media optimization), we will provide additional traffic to your site from the pages of social networks associated with it. The promotion of likes and live subscribers will attract a new audience to the account and increase its engagement rates. And SMM-promotion (Social media marketing) will make your page attractive.

Newsletter to Instagram / Facebook / VK

Sometimes, in order to maximally effectively convey the necessary information to potential consumers, it is necessary to write to them personally. But what if there are too many such users and answering each person manually is counterproductive? In this case, we will help you automate this process by setting up mass messaging on Instagram / Facebook / VK.

Viral Marketin in Instagram / VK

Viral advertising is a marketing tool in which the recipients of the content themselves become its main source of distribution. That is, if each user begins to forward such content to several more users, its distribution will almost reach the scale of geometric progression. Creating such an advertisement is not easy, as regular marketing cliches do not work here. You need creative, fresh, and perhaps even provocative ideas that cause a “WOW effect.” IT-Words is one of the few web studios on the market that offers high-quality viral marketing services.

Brand promotion from scratch

Ifyour business is only an idea for the moment, or your business needs a restart or rebrending – our team can help you with. We’ll provide your brand promotion! . Мы обеспечим услуги по продвижению бренда “под ключ”. Our team will determine your target audience and tone-of-voice, help in the development of a brand book, arrange pages on social networks from scratch and develop a content strategy for them, and also take on the creation and promotion of a website, landing page or business card website for your brand.

Correction of reviews / reputation on the sites

Is your business a victim of black PR due to unfair competitors? The network has spread false information about the brand, harming its reputation? A lot of negative reviews about your work or product? SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management), a network reputation management service, will help you. Our experts will create a positive image of your brand, increase its recognition with the help of SEO-tools.

Trust our IT-Worlds specialists. We are your trusted partner in the digital marketing world.