Mobile applications is a digital marketing tool, just like a website and social networksМобильные приложения – это digital marketing инструмент, как веб-сайт и социальные сети. С его помощью можно решать конкретные задачи и увеличивать прибыль бизнеса. Другими словами, создание приложений для смартфонов – быстрый способ увеличить продажи!

Многие маркетологи и руководители используют этот инструмент для привлечения новых клиентов и увеличения прибыли компании. Используя услугикомпания по разработке мобильных приложенийможно увеличить количество успешных сделок на 20-30%. Спасибо специалистам разработки мобильных приложений компании «IT Worlds», you will receive an additional web platform for running your business as soon as possible. Using mobile development will become a competitive advantage.

Features application development for smartphones

Features application development for smartphonesA professional team of the best specialists will work on your project. Android app development takes place in several stages with the participation of programmers, designers, and content managers. The coordinated work of the employees of our iPhone app development company is focused on modern marketing tools and customer wishes. Here are the main stages of work:

  • Business analysis — is the first and necessary stage in work. Mobile app development takes into account market research data. There is an analysis of the actions of the target audience and potential competitors. Such an analysis will create an effective utility that will be interesting to a potential buyer.
  • Creating a layout. During mobile application development, our employees create several interface options. This design is different from creating web pages and requires additional skills and knowledge.
  • The development of a unique design. Experienced designers work on a color combination, according to their tasks. Thanks to this stage, the application becomes attractive to the target audience without obsessive elements.
  • Work on ios app development requires additional skills, writing stable code, as well as full integration with client technologies. Turning to our company you can be sure that all these requirements will be met!
  • Content optimization. Mobile applications, like other web sites, should be filled with quality content. Thanks to SEO optimization, your trading platform will be in the TOP 10 popular queries in search engines.
  • Verification of results and test. Each of the app development companies must necessarily check the finished product before the presentation to the customer. The application passes several tests for compliance with health and convenience for users. Each test is carried out in manual mode, because of which, if necessary, additional work is carried out.

Now, more than 50% of search queries occur via mobile phone. Recent research in the field of marketing shows that more than 53% of online purchases are made through a smartphone. Therefore, using the mobile game development services of the ios app development company will help the entrepreneur to create another channel for communication with potential buyers.

List of features, which you get

When determining app development cost, you should consider the necessary functions that enter the interface. You can use some of our turnkey solutions to speed up software creation:

  • Design app development includes the use of different fonts, icons, menu style and much more. Web application development takes into account all global trends and modern professional trends in the mobile sphere.
  • Android software development allows you to use premium settings: digital signature, support for multiple languages and manage user groups of the application.
  • Cross-platform app development is to manage push notifications, statistics, and deals. You can monitor all your transactions in the application, from ordering food to buying goods.
  • Web app development enables Integration with popular services and social networks. This may be a booking service for airline tickets or hotels or the possibility of using payment systems.

Application development for smartphones has a number of advantages:

  • Sales growth;
  • The attraction of new clients;
  • Stimulating the activity of potential buyers with the help of information about promotions and sales;
  • Additional advertising;
  • The possibility of additional earnings on a paid subscription.

Various companies, digital publishers, trading brands and people whose activities are associated with E-Commerce, usually order the mobile applicationVarious companies, digital publishers, trading brands and people whose activities are associated with E-Commerce, usually order the mobile application. The iPhone app development cost depends on the number of functions and complexity. Our android app development company guarantee optimal prices for services and support at the stage of implementation of your project. Contact the manager of the «IT Worlds» agency by phone or leave a request on the site.